About Us

History of Natco
Our story began in 1925 when Nicholas Lalla, an immigrant from Sicily, Italy, arrived in New Orleans. As with any new immigrant to America, Nicholas searched for a job so he could provide for his family. While venturing through the French Quarter one day, he came upon a butcher whose carriage was servicing the many residents of the area. Seeing his opportunity to provide a unique combination of quality meats and outstanding service, Nicholas began his career as a butcher.
Our Facility
Whether it is our diverse purchasing department or our cut room specialists and everything in-between, our experience and longevity has helped set us apart as a leader in the food service industry.
Careers with Natco
We constantly progress to meet the needs of our customers, from expanding our current departments to even creating new ones. From time to time, we will post any available career opportunities on this page so please check back.