Our Facility

In addition to being inspected and approved by the USDA, Natco is home to the local USDA circuit office. This provides us with an inspector on the premises daily to make sure that we remain in compliance. Having this kind of oversight is one of the extra steps we take to ensure everything processed here at Natco is of the quality our customers have come to expect.
The Cut Room
In business since 1925, we have mastered the art of meat processing. It is this experience and longevity in the market that has enabled us to supply numerous fine dining establishments in the heart of one of the best food communities in the world. Since 2005, we have more than doubled the size of our cut room and subsequently, our cut room specialists. This is a testament to not just our motivation after Hurricane Katrina but the perseverance of the restaurant industry in the entire gulf coast region.
Cold Storage & Refrigerated Dock
With a combination of refrigerated and frozen storerooms, our cold storage warehouse takes up a majority of the footprint here at Natco. We store everything from supplier deliveries to customer orders awaiting transport. Motion activated overhead doors maintain the necessary temperatures in each zone while providing easy access for our warehouse staff to maneuver about as required. We also have backup generators in place, tested every weekend, to ensure that even if the power does fail - whether it be a downed line or a natural disaster - we will have the consistent stream of energy necessary to sustain our cold storage commodities.

A refrigerated dock is vital in any cold supply chain management system, and ours is no exception. This staging area is where we receive our daily deliveries from suppliers such as Harris Ranch, Swift, and Marshall Durbin. Our trucks dispatched from this dock service an area from Shreveport, LA past Mobile, AL.